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How To Make Money Second Part

Introduction to how to make money second part

How to make money is a very interesting subject. With the advance of Internet, many people, including me, are discovering how to make money online.

I am very grateful to folks who ask how to make money, and to folks who share how to make money.

This second part of how to make money covers some unusual ways on how to make money. I do not endorse any of the how to make money methods in this article. I merely let you, the readers, know what I have learnt when I search for “how to make money”.

This second part of how to make money will focus on how to make money gambling online for free, how to make money as phone sex operator, how to make money as mock juror.

The information on how to make money as mock juror is applicable for US citizens. The information on how to make money gambling is applicable for residents in US and Canada. The information on how to make money as phone sex operator is applicable only to ladies.

How to make money gambling online for free

How to make money from gambling without paying a single cent is possible. You can learn how to make money gambling when you join is an online gaming website. Unlike online casino, you do not need to pay a single cent to originates in Canada. It accepts players from Canada and United States. There is talk of accepting international players. Hopefully, in the future, international players can learn how to make money from

You can cash out your winning once it reaches $10. There is no need to pay any money to withdraw money.

How to make money in Moola? Most players learn how to make money in Moola by playing the games very well.

You start with 1 cent to play and bet. If you are so unlucky as to lose all the money, you will get 1 cent to play again. There is a possibility of losing money. That is the whole thrill of gambling. There is possibility of winning big too.

There are many free games for you to play. Play the games that you enjoy, and you are good at. You have to learn how to make money by playing some games very well. Many players know the games very well, that is why they know how to make money from Moola. Even though it is free gambling, you do get the thrill from playing. Some games are unique to Moola, since Moola is the developer of those games. Do not make big gamble if you are unsure of the game. You can save your money, and bet only what you can afford to lose.

You can spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day. You have a chance to get amount higher than a dollar. A player wins $9,000 spinning the Wheel of Fortune. This does not happen often. You are better off learning how to make money by playing games. makes money through online advertisements. You have to watch a 20 second advertisements between each game. If you want to skip the advertisement, you have to pay a penalty of 5 cents per advertisement you skip.

So folks, enjoy or try to enjoy the advertisements. You can go for a toilet break or enjoy a cup of water while the advertisement is running. When you see the advertisements, you know how to make money from Moola’s standpoint. Moola makes money from the advertiser. You learn how to make money by playing games. Moola learns how to make money by attracting advertisers.

If you are so unfortunate as to lose all your money in your gambling, you will get free penny to play again. Every time you win one game, you can double your bet, so that you can win more.

Some players learn how to make money by completing the advertisement offers. You can make money by free trials of products, taking surveys or signing up on some advertiser’s sites.

How to make money from gambling? Join Moola. This website is voted as one of the best place to waste time. This shows the popularity of Moola.

How to make money as Phone Sex Operator

How to make money when you have a sweet voice and no special skill?

Ladies who are comfortable talking about sexual subjects with strangers can learn how to make money as a phone sex operator.

How to make money as phone sex operator starts from finding a reputable websites that do pay. There are different phone sex websites that allow ladies from all over the world to make money as freelance phone sex operator.

You can check out and

These two websites allow you to work as often or as little as you like. You are basically a freelance operator. You decide the rate you charge. You can charge as high as U$100 an hour just talking on the phone. You do have to pay part of the earnings to the website, you will keep about 70% of your gross income.

Learning how to make money includes learning how to charge reasonably. Check the rate that other operators are charging. If you charge higher than the average rate, you do not get many calls. If you charge too low, you are likely to get prank calls and jerks. So if you are from countries where US$100 is a lot of money, do not lower your rate and hurt the market. promises that you will receive the payouts every two weeks by wire transfer or check.

You need a valid email address and credit card to register on both sites. You do not need to pay for the sites. The credit card information is used to verify your true age.
Phone sex websites are adult sites. They do not accept young girls below the legal age. Young girls should not learn how to make money as phone sex operator. Please understand that phone sex websites need to verify that you are an adult.

Do read through and gather information before you sign up. There is information catering to new phone sex operators. Check the forums and talk to other operator. You can learn how to make money as phone sex operator by talking with other operators.

You can learn how to make money by placing an enticing advertisement. You do not need to use your real name or real photo. You can create a character and pretend to be someone else. Since this is a phone sex operator job. Nobody needs to know how you look like. You can search for stock photos from the Internet.

Phone sex websites will safeguard all your personal information, including your name, country of residence and telephone number. The customers do not and cannot contact you directly. They have to contact you through the hosting site.

You can learn how to make money as a professional phone sex operator by guarding your personal information. You can learn how to make money by playing the character that you choose. If you intend to play the part of a sexy, young, and lonely single lady, you should not reveal that you are a housewife whose husband is never at home.

If you are not comfortable talking to any customer, you can hang up on him. You do not need to continue the conversation. Both and allow you the freedom to choose your customers as well. You do not have to oblige rude customers just to keep your job. You have to learn how to make money by handling rude customers. The better you are at handling them, the longer you can hold the conversation, and make more money.

Learn how to make money by listening to your customers. Your customers do not need you to keep talking. You can listen attentively and treat them respectfully. After all, you make money every minute that you are on the phone.

How to Make Money as Online Mock Juror

How to make money as online mock Juror is opened only for citizens of United States.

There are many websites, such as,,,, that recruit online mock juror. The websites do not accept lawyer or insurance company representative. Mock juror must be 18 years old and above, and has no felony conviction.

If you meet the requirement, you can learn how to make money at home as an online mock juror. Do complete and submit memberships to all the sites that will accept you. You have a higher chance of getting a paid case. Some websites have more cases than other websites.

Since different cases have different payment rate, the more high paying cases you take, the more you make.

The websites provide opportunities for lawyers to present their cases to you, a mock juror.

Learn how to make money as online mock juror by learning to listen carefully. You and other mock jurors will deliberate and reach a mock verdict. The cases are real cases that happen to real people. You have to learn how to make money as mock juror by listening carefully, and making fair judgment. The payment for mock juror ranges from $5 to $100 per case, depending on the difficulty of the case.

The lawyers need the feedback from the mock jurors. They can use the information to decide whether to take on a case or to strengthen a case before heading to a real courtroom.

When you get a case, read all instructions, requirements, and guidelines. How to make money as mock juror requires you to try your best to meet the requirements. When you prove your worth as a fair and just mock juror, you will increase your chances of landing another case soon.

How to make money as mock juror is suitable for people who loves mystery, and want to make money online.

Conclusion to how to make money online second part

How to make money? Many people are asking this question every day.

The owners of various websites such as Moola, Jurytest and Talksugar ask how to make money too. They keep on asking how to make money till the money making ideas appear to them.

So folks, keep on asking how to make money. You will come up with new and better way to answer this question: how to make money.

When you learn how to make money, please share with your friends and family members. They are also interested to learn how to make money. Please share with people round the world. So many people want to know how to make money.

I look foward to know more about how to make money, and look forward to writing the third part of how to make money.

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  1. Love the post, gets me thinking about more ways to make money. I never really had considered being a phone sex oporator, but it sound like a lot of fun!

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