Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make money from clinical trials in Singapore

There are many clinical trials in Singapore that pay clinical volunteers well.

I have taken part in a clinical trial conducted in National University Hospital. That is my first and only one so far. I got the payment as clinical volunteer after the end of the trial.

I cannot remember how I manage to get into that clinical trial. I can only remember signing a lot of papers, and getting injections. All clinical volunteers must sign all the forms in order to take part in the clinical trials.

At least I understand that if I develop any symptoms because of taking part in the clinical trial, the pharmaceutical company will have to pay the medical bills.

I hate injections. If not for the experience and money, I doubt I will want anyone to poke me so many times. I am terrified of needles. I feel the pain upon the sight of the needle. I feel the pain when the needle pokes the skin. I feel the pain whenever I think of needle.

It takes a lot of courage for me to sign on as clinical volunteer. Of course, the money helps! Money can solve a lot of problems, including lessen the pain of injection.

I hope to sign up for clinical volunteer for clinical trials without much needle poking. However, that is not a realistic expectation. Most clinical trials involve lots of injection.

Subsequently, I submit my email to Pfizer Clinical Research Unit (Singapore), so that I will get email notification whenever they conduct clinical trials.

While the clinical trial in NUS is outpatient type, and usually take only a couple of hours, the clinical trials conducted by Pfizer is inpatient. Obviously the inpatient clinical trials pay much more than the outpatient clinical trials.

Some of the clinical trials conducted by Pfizer require clinical volunteers to stay for 11 nights. Those are the ones that pay more than two thousand dollars. The highest payment I notice is more than six thousand dollars.

I was tempted to take part in one clinical trial by Pfizer. But then when I heard that it is for HIV drug, I freak out. I have not the courage to call again. Even thought the drug is in the late stage of clinical trial, I still do not have the confidence to sign up as clinical volunteer.

I hope more and more pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials in Singapore. It is good to have more earning opportunities. Being clinical volunteer is one of the easiest way to make money. The risk of medical complication is rather small.

The usual side effects of drug are short terms symptoms such as headache. So far I don’t experience any side effect. But then I have only one experience as clinical volunteer.


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